Patient Co-Principal Investigator

Contact: Barry Jackson

Approximately, five years ago I suffered a stroke that I still am recovering from. In that time, I experienced first-hand the care that patients receive both in an in-patient rehabilitation center and then as an outpatient. I was fortunate to live rather close to the rehabilitation center and to be ambulatory, otherwise my outpatient therapy would have been very difficult, since as a result of my stroke I was unable to drive.

At 38 years old, I was a relatively young stroke survivor. I know the challenges of finding the way back to "normal" and the struggles and barriers that can make it even tougher for people to get to normal. The research that you are doing to find better ways to provide care to stroke survivors is critical, and is one that could reap benefits for many caregivers and survivors.

As a stroke survivor, I can help identify gaps in the current system of care and how to best address them. I'm familiar with the kind of emotional and adjustment support needed to help patients and caregivers when they return home and I can help address issues for special populations.

As a partner/co-investigator in this study I will help direct the committees in patient-specific aspects of the study, problem-solve patient specifics of the study protocol, identify specific recruitment strategies, help address study implementation issues, provide practical tips and support clinical sites from a patient perspective.

My background is in Government Relations, specifically in the health care realm. I've worked at the TN Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, the Livestrong Foundation and the AARP. Although I was never in the policy development realm, I have become quite familiar with the workings and terminology of the health care system.