Contact: Virginia Howard

Job Title: Professor

The core of the Statistical and Data Coordinating Center (SDCC) at UAB School of Public Health is an established team that has successfully provided coordination for many clinical trials of primary or secondary stroke prevention that reached successful completion including such SPS3 and CRES. We are currently the SDCC for the CREST-2 funded by NIH-NINDS through an R01 with George Howard as PI. Dr. George Howard has a wealth of experience in biostatistics, data management, and the direction of coordinating centers of multicenter studies. The team also includes Dr. Virginia Howard who has been involved in the successful conduct and management of multicenter stroke clinical trials for over 30 years, most notably as co-investigator for ACAS, VISP, and most recently CREST and CREST-2. The entire Statistical and Data Coordinating Center team consists of investigators, systems developers, statisticians, project managers, clinical nurse manager, and support staff who have worked together in the successful design and conduct of these and other stroke studies. Dr. Russell Griffin, Department of Epidemiology, is the newest team member bringing expertise in linkages with medical records and complex data management processes.

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