Independent Practice Unit (IPU)

Contact: Meredith Alger, MHA

Job Title: Health Care Program Manager

Subject Matter Expert on Integrated Practice Unit design of stroke care delivery teams, cost and bundled payment models.

Institution: Harvard Business School

The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness (ISC), led by Prof. Michael Porter, has devoted considerable attention to the economics of health care, with a focus on building the intellectual framework for realigning the delivery of health care to maximize value to patients (patient health outcomes achieved per dollar spent). First in Redefining Health Care (2006, with Elizabeth Teisberg), and through a series of articles, Professor Porter has introduced the core concepts for reorganizing health care delivery organizations and reimbursement models. This work, collectively known as value-based health care delivery, is diffusing rapidly in the literature and among practitioners. Through courses, publications and partnerships, the ISC supports the continued development and implementation of value-based care delivery and reimbursement models across the health care industry.

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